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Welcome to All Car Wiki,
the car specification resource
36,283 specification articles

All Car Wiki is aiming to focus not just on a specific market, but on world markets. To document each and every make, model and variant of all cars in all markets.

Not simply a short encycopedia of cars like others, this site is intended to focus on the specifications, the details, how to fix your car, what part numbers, engine codes, VINS, etc. This website is not focused on being concise, we do not want to limit information. The goal of All Car Wiki is to be a complete automotive database.

We hope that with the aid of the automotive community we can make All Car Wiki a complete resource where you can find anything and everything about cars.

Please note, you are required to log in before you are able to edit any pages. We are also looking for contributors, if you want to be involved with this site from the ground up please contact us, or visit this page and help out.

Please note that all information and images must comply with the Commons Copyright Tags. All images and uploads shall comply with Fair use

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All car wiki

This help page is designed to give you a basic understanding of the way All Car Wiki is set out and our intended goals. We are aiming to compile a complete wiki database of all car makes, models and badges in all markets. Our primary goal is to have a comprehensive database of car specifications. As we are only in the very early stages of the wiki, please use the Mazda RX-7 page as a rough template for expansion. We are aiming to have templates set up in the very near future on the help page.

List of Manufacturers

All Car Wiki is written in English. Started in 2011, it currently contains 36,283 articles. All Car Wiki is aimed to include any and all car and motoring information, not matter how small, all information should be included.

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